The LIDILE EA 3874 (Linguistics - Language Engineering - Language Didactics) research unit proposes to take a fresh look at the “learner” concept through a wide-angle lense, irrespective of age and context: who are the “learners”, where do they stand, what do they do, whom do they interact with…? This multilingual and trans-disciplinary international symposium is open to academics from a wide range of discplines, including Linguistics, Education Science, Sociology, Psychology, Cybernetics and Translation Studies, as well as teachers and language professionals.

Key dates

Deadline for submission of proposals:  August 15th 2018
New deadline for submission of proposals: October 8th 2018
Notification of acceptance:  November 6th 2018
Deadline for early birds:  December 15th 2018
Publication of the programme:  December 15th 2018
Deadline for inscriptions:  January 15th 2019


Linguistics - Language Engineering - Language Didactics

Scientific Editors

Aura Luz Duffé Montalván

Griselda Drouet

David ar Rouz (Le Roux)

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